62nd BetonTage congress: Prefabrication as a future-proof construction method

The construction industry is facing huge challenges as there is a considerable gap to be closed in terms of new residential developments, particularly in urban agglomerations. Furthermore, a major part of the country’s infrastructure comprising bridges, roads and canals is in dire need of rehabilitation – its upkeep is essential for both the economy and the population. Finally, public spaces, administrative and commercial buildings must comply with the requirements of sustainable construction. The precast industry manufactures products that provide solutions to respond to all these challenges. “Prefabrication – the future of building” is thus the heading under which the 62nd BetonTage congress will be held from 20 to 22 February 2018 in Neu-Ulm.

As previously, this major annual event will provide a continuing training platform that focuses on presentations centered around the prefabrication of precast elements. BIM (Building Information Modeling), the digital design method, will be prominently featured as a special topic under several items of the agenda. The use of BIM has already become a compulsory standard in many neighboring countries. In Germany, too, BIM is increasingly being considered by construction contractors, architects and engineers with the aim to design, construct and operate buildings holistically and efficiently. In the context of BIM, it is the industrial prefabrication of structural components that opens up huge opportunities because of its well-established links between design and production using standardized interfaces.


Precast “down under”

As usual, the core of the agenda will include product-specific panels conceived in collaboration with relevant industry associations. These panels will cover all relevant industry segments and comprise presentations on structural precast, concrete products for road construction, landscaping and garden design, pipeline construction, and lightweight concrete applications as well as small wastewater treatment plants. On the third congress day, a hands-on workshop will concentrate on issues encountered by concrete product manufacturers in their day-to-day business. The program will be complemented by presentations pertaining to business and legal aspects as well as by an accompanying exhibition of the supplier, engineering and software industries.

Next year’s edition of the congress will feature Australia as the guest country, which is the first non-European country to present itself at the BetonTage and to provide insights into its home market.

The complete program will be available at www.betontage.com from the end of October 2017.

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