Right colors for every customer

Harold Scholz & Co. GmbH persistently continue their success story under the new management as well. Thanks to customer proximity and innovative spirit, the specialists in color pigments operating all over the world time and again open up new fields of application and markets.

Two pictures of the visit at Harold Scholz in Recklinghausen have a lasting effect. Picture one: Before the walk through the production plant, Gregor Scholz and BFT editor met retired senor boss Rudolf Scholz on the company car park. After a pleasant chat with the slight intonation of Colognian dialect, the senior boss says goodbye and drives off the yard in his white classic Jaguar, in order to spend the afternoon occupying himself with his hobbies – someone, who had always worked with full commitment for the family-run company for more than 40 years, is justified in enjoying the fruits of...

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