Precast bell towers

The range of Duha Fertigteilbau GmbH includes precast monolithic bell towers delivered to the job site on trucks designed for exceptional loads. This is what happened in two church projects in Germany, namely at the end of 2015 in Cologne Bickendorf and in spring 2016 in the German town of Westerstede near Oldenburg.

Places of worship are getting emptier by the day, and the number of priests is also decreasing. Christian churches in Germany thus have to merge their parishes and withdraw surplus church buildings from religious use. At the same time, however, neighboring churches of roughly the same size need to be altered to accommodate a larger number of churchgoers. For it is often purely pragmatic reasons that give rise to a decision as to which building should be used for worship, including questions such as: Which church is situated in a central location? Which of the buildings is in better condition?


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