New generation of rotor straightening machines with hyperbolic profiled rollers processing diameters up to 36 mm rebar and 50 mm wire

Eurobend GmbH offers sustainable solutions and a comprehensive line of automatic mesh welding and rebar processing machines covering every precast and cut-and-bend application: flexible automatic mesh welding lines for special mesh and mesh with openings, truss welding machines for wall ties, automatic bending machines for 2D & 3D forms, rotor straightening and cutting machines, straight bar processing lines and other.

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Eurobend continuing the tradition in enhancing technology in response to the increasingly sophisticated demands of the industry has developed the 4th generation of straightening rotors with hyperbolically profiled rollers, the 4G Rotors, breaking the diameter limits in all straightening applications. In parallel Eurobend has developed the unique, powerful robotic coil opening system COS, for the automatic coil opening and threading into the machines without human intervention, which makes the processing of coils of big diameter material possible., opening new technological and economical frontiers in the rebar and wire processing industries. World wide installed Eurobend straightening and cutting machines of the MELC series (in Germany, Netherlands, Slovakia, Spain, USA, Brazil and Far East) are processing up to 26 mm rebar, 36 mm INOX rebar and 50 mm smooth wire.

The Eurobend machines, equipped with high end innovative features, sophisticated electronics, computer software and hardware with a unique redundant memory system for eliminating the possibility of production down times due to hard disk defects or data losses and an interface for exchanging production data using various industrial formats (BVBS, Unitechnik and others) are easy to operate and due to the thoughtful modular design easy to maintain.

Eurobend offers a variety of machine series and concepts covering every application in the straightening sector:

MELC Monoline series

These are single rotor straightening and cutting machines achieving feeding speeds up to 120 m/min. The machines are equipped with a flying shear cutter for uninterrupted operation. Patented special-application modules are available for eliminating the rebar twist caused by the straightening rotor, making the MELC Monoline series ideal also for high-tensile and stainless steel rebar straightening.

MELC Flexiline series

This line represents the high-end solution for flexible, just-in-time production. The MELC Flexiline machines are multi-rotor, single line machines equipped with up to 6 rotors, each dedicated for one diameter and are equipped with the unique convergence guiding system for extreme fast, fully automatic diameter changes in seconds without moving mechanical parts (patent). This feature enables the production of different rebar diameters in the same batch eliminating complicated and personnel intensive material handling and storage systems. A flying shear cutter, common to all rotors, allows uninterrupted operation of the machine.

MELC Polyline series

These are high out put machines for large scale production. Eurobend’s MELC Polyline multi-rotor series can be delivered with up to six simulteneous and independently from each other operating 4G rotors achieving total feeding speeds of up to 500 m/min. Each rotor line has its own flying shear cutter ensuring uninterrupted high out put production. In the rebar processing sector machines processing up to 26 mm coiled material (designed to process up to 30 mm) are available. Integrated, fully automatic classification, transport, storage and bundling systems, reducing the production and personnel costs are available.

Syntheton Series

The Syntheton series concept combines the MELC Flexiline machines with an integrated, fully automatic, servo driven twin bending system. The two bending units enable the operator to produce, in accordance with the production schedule, straight bars, double or one side bent bars or large stirrups. Diameter changeovers as well as operation mode changes are fully automatically controlled by the machine’s program. During the bending operation the machine produces the next straight bar to be bent, eliminating idle times. The bending heads feature extreme fast, fully automatic bending tool change depending on the proc-essed rebar diameter and fully automatic bi-directional bends production.

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