Latest innovation in rotor straightening technology

As inventor of the hyperbolic roller rotor, Eurobend GmbH sets a new standard with the new, maintenance-free fifth generation straightening rotor, according to the supplier.

The heart of the rotor straightening machines of Eurobend GmbH are the latest 5G rotors. They ensure excellent straightening quality, with a straightening accuracy of better than 1/1000. Even with highly ductile material, such as ductility class „C“ reinforcing steel with diameters up to 25 mm, the material properties are unaffected and the reinforcing steel ribs are protected. The patented, fully automatic rotor maintenance system minimizes operator intervention.

Eurobend‘s rotor straightening machines stand for perfect straightening quality and their advantages include:

Minimize of machine downtime, as maintenance and
readjustments of the long-
life hyperbolic straightening rollers, compared to con-
ventional systems with straightening dies, are not required.

The Eurobend straightening
machines consume over 40% less energy than similar machines using rotors with straightening dies.

Perfect straightening even of high tensile concrete steels.

The different rotor sizes and types cover diameters up to Ø25 mm and a wide range of wire qualities.

The simplicity of the design allows the construction of multi-line machines according to the productivity requirements and the diameter ranges to be processed.

Waste reduction by exploiting the last length of each coil thanks to the last piece extraction system.

Production data is processed using common industry formats such as Unitechnik, BVBS, etc. Software updates and rapid remote diagnostics can be performed via the Internet.

By combining a number of other innovations, machines are offered to meet any customer-specific production requirement:

MELC Monoline Series – Single Rotor Straighteners:

A range of machine versions processing rebar diameters up to 25mm. Special models are available processing up to 50mm  stainless steel reinforcing steel with tensile strengths > 900 N/mm2.

For processing large diameter and high tensile rebar, special robotic systems are offered for opening the coils and feeding the rebar into the machine.

MELC Polyline series – Multi-rotor straightening machines

These are machines with high production output. Each rotor or line can be operated independently of the others, allowing processing of the same or different diameters and cutting of the same or different lengths. Straightening rotors of different sizes for material up to 26 mm can be combined to form a multi-line machine with automatic feeding and discharging system.

MELC Polyline NS series – Multi-line straighteners for non-stop operation

The fully automatic MELC Polyline NS series multi-line rotor machine versions are designed for non-stop operation to process coiled material up to 25 mm diameter without any operator intervention.

This version of the MELC Polyline series has the following newly developed features:

Fully automatic loading and unloading of coils using an automatic overhead crane system, fully synchronized with machine operation and programmed through the main computer and control panel of the machine.

Double de-coiling stations on each line for uninterrupted operation. As soon as one coil is finished, after the last coil is automatically fed out, the next coil is immediately processed.

Coil feeding is performed without any operator intervention; as the coils are opened by robot and the rebar is pre-straightened by powered pre-straightening systems and fed into the machine.

The remains of each coil are automatically discharged into a separate collection bin avoiding mixing with the produced parts.

The produced bars are automatically conveyed to a buffer and storage area via an automatic bundle module with bundle transportation system.

Flexiline and Syntheton series

Straighteners with multiple rotors and double bending system: Operations in a modern production environment must be able to process incoming orders quickly and reliably.

Machines with up to six rotors are available. Each rotor is dedicated to one diameter. No downtime for readjusting the rollers, as with systems using straightening dies.

Diameter changes occur in about 3 seconds thanks to the Eurobend Flexiline convergence system without moving mechanical parts (patent). The diameter change is done simply by changing the direction of rotation of the rotor and not by the time consuming up and down movements of the sliding table of the rotors until the desired diameter is aligned with the production line, as it happens with the machines available on the market. For the large diameters, automatic coil opening and feeding robots are used.

The Flexiline concept can be combined with a unique double bending system - the Syntheton series. This is a sophisticated processing center for reinforcing steel from coil.

In order to be able to perform many and, above all, fast diameter changes, it makes sense to rely on a reliable and maintenance-free system for diameter changes which  does not require any moving mechanical parts. This enables extremely fast diameter changes in 3 seconds and avoids the use of components that are susceptible to wear.

The models of the Syntheton series cover the diameter range from 6 - 25mm and can be configured with three up to six straightening rotors. Each rotor is dedicated and factory set to one diameter. To further optimize the production flow, the Syntheton features a patented system to quickly resume work when the coil to be processed is changed, without having to use time-consuming butt welding units. To do this, the last coil piece is driven out to the front in the direction of production and the new rebar is inserted into the rotor with the driven fixture and wire guide units, without having to readjust the rollers of the rotor.

Time is also saved when changing the bending radius, as this takes place automatically without delay. All bending radii are located on a retractable bending tool attached on the bending modules. The bending modules do not have to travel to the changeover station, as this is the case with the widely used systems, with a great loss of time.

Due to the sophisticated and compact design, all components of the Syntheton are easily accessible and require minor maintenance.


Eurobend GmbH

Alexanderstr. 1

90547 Stein-Nuremberg/Germany

+49 911 9498980


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