Load-bearing behavior of wall elements with formwork anchors integrated in the insulation material

This paper presents a multi-layer wall system where the facing layer of a core-insulated element wall system is substituted by the render system of an ETICS. In the stage of construction, spacers assume the function of formwork anchors in the thermal insulation material. This combines the advantages of a reduced facing layer thickness with the semi-precast construction method.

Increasing thermal and acoustic requirements on external wall systems more and more demand for multi-layer wall structures. Wall panels made of precast concrete elements fulfilling these requirements include sandwich walls, core-insulated element walls and monolithic precast walls with an external thermal insulation composite systems (ETICS) installed in situ, for example. In the final state, these systems have a three-layer structure consisting of load-bearing layer, internal thermal insulation and weather protection layer. The wall system presented in this paper is a core-insulated element...

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