Lifting system with CE Marking

Peikko launches a new CE-marked lifting system on the market under the name Colift. This jacking device enables simple and time-saving erection of long and slender construction elements, e.g. precast concrete columns. With this system, loads weighing up to 120 tons can be safely lifted, moved and positioned. It consists of an assembly shaft, an anti-slip device and a cable spreader and is available in different designs. Peikko offers, for example, four different assembly shaft of 1.20 to 2.0-m length, together with the appropriate anti-slip devices (clips). The cable spreaders are available in three different sizes and are approved for use with all four types of assembly shafts. A suitable Colift erection system is available for transporting every load.

The lifting system is easy to operate and needs little maintenance. All that is required for lifting an element is to attach the Colift assembly and the cable spreader to the hoisting cables of the crane and guide the Colift assembly shaft into the carrier opening. After that, only the anti-slip device needs to be attached and the element can be lifted. As soon as its final position is achieved, the anti-slip device is removed by remote control and the assembly shaft can be pulled out of the opening.

The design of the Colift system enables in this way simple and safe handling of long and slender elements and carries moreover the CE Marking: The positive feedback that Peikko receives on the performance of the system in practice attests to its serviceability. Thomas Kütter, for example, site supervisor at the Klebl GmbH, a building contractor that is active throughout Germany, says about Colift: “The system is easy to use and enormously facilitates work.”


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