Slip form construction systems and methods for use

(10) US 2023/0030796A1

(22) 11.10.2022

(43) 02.02.2023

(57) A slip form assembly and a slip form construction system are provided. The slip form construction system includes a first slip form assembly including a first lifting pole extending longitudinally, a first inner form slidably coupled to the first lifting pole, and a first outer form slidably coupled to the first lifting pole opposite the first inner form such that a first cavity for casting a first portion of a wall is defined there between. At least one panel is coupled to at least one of the first inner form and the first outer form such that the at least one panel forms at least a partial inner surface of at least one of the first inner form and the first outer form wherein concrete poured into the first cavity engages the panel and is prevented from engaging an inner surface of either the first inner or outer forms.

(71) Klaus Harold Paul [US]


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