Adler Technologies

Large-format press for lightweight concrete blocks

Increasingly demanding requirements for the energy efficiency of buildings result in rapid, far-reaching changes of construction methods. Innovative building materials that provide an outstanding heat insulation capacity are launched, which requires producers to adapt their processes to new developments. This challenge prompted Adler Technologies to develop the A880, an innovative large-format vibrating press for the manufacture of lightweight concrete blocks.

Increased production output

The new A880 provides the capacity to produce twelve lightweight concrete blocks simultaneously to a high degree of accuracy and with extremely small height deviations. The quality of the blocks is optimized and enhanced by introducing a second-to-none system to spread the concrete in the molds and to effectively carry out the vibratory compaction process. According to the manufacturer, this set-up increases productivity by 30 % whilst lowering operating cost by 25 % compared to conventional equipment. The design of the A880 included the development of new machine frames and gates and of an agitator tailored to the machine set-up, a revision of the hydraulic system, the design of novel mold-filling and vibratory compaction systems, and the integration of a VIP system.

Customized production of lightweight concrete blocks

The machine makes it possible to produce lightweight concrete blocks with mineral aggregates or constituents from renewable resources with a high thermal performance. At a block thickness of 30 cm, thermal resistance can be up to R > 2 m2 k/W.

With its nominal cycle time of under ten seconds for twelve lightweight concrete blocks measuring 20 x 20 x 50 cm, the machine enables producers to increase their output by 30 %, which is mainly achieved by the integrated mechatronics system. Additional benefits are provided by the automation of many manufacturing steps, including the motor-driven mold feed, which also enables change-over times of under twelve minutes.

New mold-filling process

The system is easy to operate because forces and vibration frequencies are controlled via the automatic press system. This system enables various gate positions during the filling process to achieve the best possible homogeneity of the mix. The resulting effects are of great importance for precast producers because the cycle time of the press can be shortened by 30 % whilst reducing electricity consumption by 12 to 15 %. At the same time, the service life of the molds is extended by 20 %.

The continuously adjustable tamper head and block height at the press exit point optimize concrete consumption.


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