New masonry block

The Z block from Jasto

A Z-shaped block geometry is the secret of the Z block from Jasto newly introduced at the beginning of the year. The special design of the block results in a masonry bond without continuous butt joints. In this way, the from the viewpoint of thermal insulation neuralgic butt joint loses its negative effect on the thermal balance of the building.

Masonry constructed of Z blocks (strength class 2) achieves a coefficient of thermal conductivity of lR = 0.07 W/mK. At a wall thickness of 36.5 cm a U-value of 0.18 W/m²K is reached. Blocks of strength class 4 have a coefficient of thermal conductivity of lR = 0.10 W/mK. The U-value for a wall of 36.5 cm thickness is 0.25 W/m²K.

The excellent thermal insulation values are achieved by the staggered arrangement of the joint and through the use of especially lightweight, carefully selected aggregates from Rhine pumice and the polyurethane insulation that is integrated in the hollow sections. The...

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