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Jumbo concrete floors with unsupported spans of more than 16 m

At the beginning of 2015, a new construction project of the Dresden private all-day secondary school was completed by the owner/developer, the IBB Institute für Bildung und Beratung GmbH, completing its campus on Augsburger Strasse 14. The building with a gross floor area of 4,000 m2, the construction of which started in January of 2014, was completed by the contractor, Schiba Bau GmbH, on schedule.

TGA Consult, a planning office for integrated building, as general planner, was responsible for conception and planning; Schiba Bau GmbH was in charge of execution of the construction work as general planner in accordance with the German Regulation of Professional Fees for Architects and Engineers in Germany (HOAI). The company Elbe supplied the precast prestressed concrete floor slabs that were especially well suited for this project. “Here, speed was clearly the advantage, we were able to save time,” summarized Dr.-Ing. Jouma Akel of TGA Consult GmbH, which had developed the ecologically sound energy concept for the new school building, based on EnEV 2009.

2,000 sq.m. of precast prestressed concrete floor slabs of 50 cm thickness

“The project comprised a contract volume of around 2,000 m2 precast prestressed concrete floors slabs, 500 sq.m. on every floor,” explained Peter Kirchner, Sales Manager of Elbe delcon GmbH. “For this project, especially long unsupported spans were required for a building height of more than 18 m.” The jumbo floor slabs of 50 cm thickness from Elbe were installed at spans of 16.70 m by means of a special-purpose crane, weighing 400 t.

“It was a challenging and complex project that Elba implemented with outstanding logistics performance. The decision to use precast prestressed concrete floor slabs turned out to be right,” observed Site Manager Rolf Hutt of Schiba Bau GmbH. “A total of around 12 % of the construction costs and six weeks construction time could be saved thanks to this modern construction engineering.


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