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Short construction times thanks to precast prestressed concrete floor units

The Wellnesshotel construction project near Frankfurt am Main of the Stork Hotels & Thermen Group based in Paderborn has an investment sum of around 12 million euros. At Niederhofheimer Strasse in Hofheim am Taunus the wellness hotel with 98 rooms and two suites is built. The 4-star facility has a gross floor area of 4.667 m². The final design was provided by the Stork Group; Felies & Heinrich is responsible for the implementation phase.

The highlight of the design is the revolving 360° Skyline Bar on the third floor. The hotel complex has 200 beds and 424 parking spaces and offers views of the Frankfurter City und the Taunus mountains. By 18 March 2015, Elbe Delcon GmbH had delivered all of the prestressed concrete floor slabs for the additional stories for the “Rhein-Main-Therme.”

Prestressed floor units for short construction times

Elbe’s general contractor and client is the Holding/Turnkey department of the Gerlach-Werke in Einbeck, Germany. Elbe delivered floor slabs of type “residential floor slabs” (EFD) for the loadbearing fabric of the building, creating with them a usable floor space of around 4,200 m², from the ground floor to the third upper floor level. The prestressed concrete floor units have a cross-section of 20 cm, enabling unsupported spans of up to 8 m and an extremely flexible room division.

“The flexible support was to us the special feature of this project,” says Thomas Münzberg, structural engineer and Plant Manager of Elbe Delcon GmbH. “That means that the prestressed concrete floor slabs are here supported by steel girders. Where no wall was available, we adjusted the floor system in such a way that all approval conditions are satisfied. With a columns-and-beam construction, we make use of the maximum shear force, generating in this way an extremely stable and durable structural system.”

The rapid construction prog-ress was a key reason for deciding on the use of modern precast prestressed floor units for this hotel project. “Thanks to them, the construction time was reduced by around 25 %,” says Andreas Küster, Sales Manager and Turnkey Construction of the Holding of the Gerlach plants. The completion of the hotel at the Rhine-Main-Spa is scheduled for the end of ­August 2015.


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