Innovation: MasterProtect NFF 1000 IN and 2000 IN

Master Builders Solutions invented two new product lines, after investing in research and development. Their new portfolio of inorganic foams, which includes NFF 1000 IN and 2000 IN, is aiming for prefabrication and insulation in various applications. The characteristics of the new MasterProtect products offer many possibilities for building designers and experts of the construction sector.

  Light, sound absorbing and thermally insulating products have been invented by rebuilding the structure of natural pumice. They are malleable, pourable, voluminous and can be produced continuously. Therefore, user-friendly products like pallets, blocks, semi-prefabricated components and lightweight components can be built. At the same time, those artificial stones show the same quality in resilience against environmental influences, unchangeable material characteristics and recyclability. The products made of inorganic, non-flammable materials consist of compounds that can easily be foamed chemically and mechanically. They dry and cure completely without the need of external energy input at ambient temperature.


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