Enhanced Servo Vibration at the Bauma 2016

At the Bauma 2016, Besser presented the enhanced servo
vibration for Besser concrete block machines. According to Besser, the enhanced servo vibration called Advanced Servo Vibration (ASV), further developed at the company‘s headquarters in Alpena, USA, with vibration speeds of up to 4,000 rpm has a positive effect on the production process and the final product – the concrete block – even in several aspects:

Right at the start of the compaction process, the ASV provides a strong vertical vibration which aids in compacting of the concrete in the mold. The concrete is uniformly distributed throughout the mold, even to the bottom of the mold. Adverse events, such as segregation of the concrete mix or concrete splashing out of the mold, are largely eliminated. The higher vibration speed, which can vary during the production process, leads to concrete products with better surface quality. The feeding time is reduced, thus accelerating the overall production cycle.

Upgrading Besser concrete block machines with the ASV has also a positive effect on the service life of the individual components within the vibration system. Horizontal movements of the mold, for example, can be minimized by the ASV, thus extending the service life of the mold.

The ASV has a direct drive without power transmission by gear wheels or belts. An upgrade of the Dynapac, Ultrapac, Vibrapac and Superpac maschines is likewise possible. Upgrading is extremely simple and requires just a short period of time.


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