Concrete slab system

(11) 2549847 A

(22) 24.03.2017

(43) 01.11.2017

(57) A concrete slab system includes a bed 20 of a first concrete having a top 22 surface and edge 20E surfaces. The bed’s top surface 22 has shrinkage cracks 24 and induced cracks 26. The widths of the induced cracks 26 are greater than widths of the shrinkage cracks 24. Non-concrete material 30 is disposed on the bed’s top surface and on each of the bed’s edge surfaces. A second concrete 40 covers the non-concrete material and the bed. The second concrete has stretchable fibers 44 mixed therein. The stretchable fibres may be polymer fibres or metal fibres. The non-concrete material may be a polymer layer.

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