„Base“ precast basement range made from waterproof concrete

The old adage of “time is money” also holds true for the construction of basements. German precast producer Dennert based in Schlüsselfeld assembles precast basement units of its own BASE range using solid wall panels cast from waterproof concrete. Wall panels are prefabricated at the precast plant exactly as specified in the project plans and drawings. According to the company, the fact that the panels are just 17.5 cm thick frees up significant interior space. The panels come complete with all required blockouts, basement windows, fire doors, and a state-of-the-art cable conduit system. Walls are firmly bolted on the job site to ensure quick assembly and erection to a high quality standard in just a single day. This method eliminates the need for temporary, often disturbing supports as used in a conventional setup.

Dennert makes every effort to produce accurately aligned components to make the basement a perfect fit with the rest of the building. This is why the tried-and-tested, fully pre-assembled DX floor slab is used in combination with the tailored precast stair in a straight or spiral design that complements the basement system. Floor slab and stair are also prefabricated with pinpoint precision, delivered to the site just in time, and assembled quickly and accurately within just a few hours.

Upon request, Dennert additionally provides the foundation slab in combination with the BASE precast basement system. This slab can also be designed as a thermally activated component to ensure comfortable indoor temperature levels during the winter season.

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