A new construction system of Roland Wolf GmbH

Thepro® provides a number of advantages for precast concrete plants

 To gain new market shares even in shrinking markets is a precondition for future profits. By combining concrete, thermal insulation and sealing in a single precast component the new construction system Thepro of Roland Wolf GmbH provides advantages that may expect an expansion of the market shares of precast concrete components in the field of basement construction.

Although, for many years now, the combination of precast components together with thermal insulation has been solved in many different ways, there were still a lot of potential objectives concerning additional solutions when developing the construction system Thepro®. Thus, the first step was to incorporate a simple and all the same reliable sealing in the precast component. As to take no risk in terms of legal certainty with the new method, Roland Wolf decided to comply strictly with the valid standards and chose the German standard DIN 18195 as the basis for the integrated sealing. An...

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