DSK Grad/Reckli

Automated formliner handling

An innovative handling system installed at the DSK Grad precast plant in Russia ensures greater flexibility and higher productivity in the manufacture of sandwich wall units with high-quality, textured surfaces. It manages more than 600 Reckli formliners and transfers them to the pallet circulation system in a fully automated process.

“The technology itself is not complicated; what is complicated is the logistics of the handling system”. This statement taken from the initial talk with Aleksandr ­Kovalyov, managing director of the Russian DSK Grad precast plant, suddenly comes to mind again when standing in the factory building for the first time, in front of the active storage facility of the system that automatically handles textured Reckli formliners. When viewed from below, the confusing pattern of blue steel tracks on the ceiling of the storage area appears to be quite complex, almost chaotic. These tracks guide...

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