Masonry or concrete?

New textured formliners for corners and connecting walls

After having regularly received inquiries from architects, constructors and users looking for textured formliners in masonry design with the appropriate connecting walls and/or corner solution, the South German manufacturing company, Noe-Schaltechnik, has now developed a respective formliner in cooperation with its customers. This formliner is now part of the standard sales program. The innovative formliner bears the name "Lausitzer Granit" and reproduces irregular courses of masonry made of natural stone.

The stones reproduced have a maximum width of 520 mm and a height of 240 mm. They give the impression as if they have been laid with a joint width from 15 to 20 mm. Matching the corner solution Neo offers also a textured formliner for the surface. This formliner is available with a maximum height of 1560 mm and a maximum width of 2700 mm. Owing to the masonry-like texture the formliner can be extended as long and as wide as required without the visual appearance of joints. It goes without saying that the formliner for plane surfaces can perfectly be combined with the corner solution too. As a...

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