Assembly of concrete blocks for covering a dyke

(11) EP 3 633 108 A1

(22) 03.10.2018

(43) 08.04.2020 Bulletin 2020/15

(57) In an assembly of concrete blocks for covering a dyke for protection against wave attacks, comprising at least two concrete blocks, each substantially having the form of a polygonal prism comprising a ground sur­face and a prism perimeter surface having a contiguous series of at least six side surfaces, in particular eight side surfaces, wherein the concrete blocks are placed at a distance from each other so as to form interstices between the blocks, at least two blocks are interconnected by means of a connecting beam integrally formed with said at least two blocks, said connecting beam having a ground surface that is aligned with the ground surface of said at least two blocks and having a height that corre­sponds to 50-80%, preferably 65-75%, of the height of said at least two blocks.

(71) Holcim Technology Ltd, 8645 Jona (CH)

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