Lift assembly for blocks and method of lifting blocks

(10) CA3126767 (A1)

(22) 04.08.2021

(43) 13.11.2022

(57) Lifting apparatus for lifting, conveying and/or positioning blocks or slabs, such as blocks or slabs made of concrete, masonry, stone, brick, or similar materials, and methods of lifting, conveying and/or positioning such materials. The lifting apparatus may include two spaced block supporters that are positioned or positionable to respectively mechanically engage a block or slab to support the same mechanically. Upon biasing the two spaced block supporters, the block is engaged and its weight supported, and the block may be lifted, conveyed and/or positioned at a desired location. Unbiasing the block supporters releases the block. A plurality of lifting apparatuses may be used together, including in modular form.

(71) Construction Specialties LLC

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