EU commission awards INSU-SHELL

The EU commission has awar­ded INSU-SHELL with the Best of the Best Life Environ­ments Award. The project partners RWTH Aachen University, DuraPact, Saint Gobain Technical Fabrics and Gimpel Ingenieursgesellschaft mbH got the award for the development and application of lightweight, self-supporting outer wall elements in textile-reinforced concrete with high energy and CO2 savings.

The Insu-Shell façade elements are made of Textile Re­in­forced Concrete and polyure­thane foam insulation to form a complete exterior wall with only 18 cm wall thickness. This is about one third of a conventional wall with comparable properties. In 2009, the façade elements were mounted as the envelope of the ITA Innotex building.

The innovative sandwich ele­ments reduce the use of concrete by 70 – 80  %, thus saving up to 50  % of CO2 emissions during its life cycle. Other advan­tages: Textile-reinforced concrete does not rust, it saves time during construction, can be designed in a thinner layer than steel-reinforced concrete thus requiring significantly less material and energy and causes fewer emissions. Furthermore, it is easy to transport and install the lightweight elements.

The EU Commission awards once a year the Best LIFE Environment Project in Brussels, Belgium. Five out of 16 winners are awarded with the Best Life Award; two are awarded with the Best of the Best-Award.


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