Textile reinforcement awarded

In January, the Innovation Prize Architecture + Construction was awarded on the occasion of the trade fair Messe Bau in Munich. The Solidian GmbH won the prize in the main category “Product of high architectural quality” for its innovative glass and carbon lattice structures used as reinforcement for concrete elements and marketed under the Soligrid brand name.

The award, which was established by two architectural journals in cooperation with the Munich Trade Fair, was this year presented for the twelfth time. 48 companies had competed for the award with a total of 75 products. A jury of 17 noted architects and interior architects determined the winners.

New architectural and ­durable constructions

Important criteria in judging the submissions were, among others, the functional and creative quality, the authenticity of the material and the range of uses of the submitted products and solutions. A total of 14 products in three categories were awarded a prize. The first prize was awarded twice: to the Solidian GmbH for its glass and carbon reinforcement brand Sologrid and Iconic Skin GmbH for its glass façade innovation Iconic Skin SCF.

The glass and carbon reinforcement under the Soligrid brand offers architects and construction engineers completely new options in terms of functional and architectural solutions – from planar reinforcement to angles and freeform surfaces.

The high-performance Solid-grid reinforcement, compared with conventional reinforcement, does not corrode. Thus enabling not only the construction of thin and slender concrete elements, but durable constructions as well.

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