Qaver®: New benchmarks in concrete product manufacturing

Czech market leader relies on new quality assurance system

The Czech manufacturer of concrete products, Best AG, realized the potential of the Qaver® already quite early. Qaver®tec GmbH located in Northern Germany has de
veloped this quality measurement device for freshly manufactured concrete products (see BFT 04/2009). For this development the company was awarded with the innovation prize 2011 at the 55th BetonTage. Three years ago, Best had already purchased one of the first Qaver devices that were ready for the market. Based on the experience made with the system, the Czech company has meanwhile implemented its special quality surveillance system “QSave Best Kvalita”.

The largest manufacturer of concrete products of the Czech Republic with a leading position in this market ensures the direct control of fresh concrete products with the aid of this complete system. A total of eight Qaver measurement devices (“Quality for Paver”) that have been permanently applied at different production sites are the core of “QSave”.


Qaver as a system component for quality assurance

Best is producing all kinds of construction and concrete elements for architectural and landscape construction, such as concrete manhole units, paving blocks, pavement slabs and concrete...

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