An energy efficient solution for multi-layer and sandwich walls

ComBar thermal anchor: resistant against corrosion

Precast concrete walls offer numerous advantages in modern building projects realized with precast concrete elements – from a quick progress of the construction work to thermal insulation through to static safety. For the more and more applied “internally insulated sandwich walls” with integrated thermal insulation layer inside the wall usually lattice girders of stainless structural steel are used. Schöck offers the new ComBar thermal anchor made of fiberglass reinforced plastic as an alternative to these stainless lattice girders.

This anchor realizes U-values between 0.236 W/m²K and 0.391 W/m²K at an average hollow wall of 30.0 cm up to 36.5 cm. Solutions with conventional lattice girders have significantly higher U-values. The ComBar thermal anchor may be used in the construction of basements of single-family houses, in multi-story construction as well as in industrial construction. Also in high-rise construction precast wall elements are gaining ground. Better U-values of the walls achieve a better energy balance. Schöck ComBAR thermal anchors result in a connection of face layer and the supporting layer of precast...

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