High storage efficiency realized at smallest space

New curing chamber installed at Baustoffwerke Kann GmbH in Mülheim-Kärlich

 In the course of the production expansion by a new board-based block machine it became necessary to install also a new circulation system with curing chamber.

In case of the curing chamber Baustoffwerke Kann GmbH made the decision in favor of the design HS-Steel-Classic – of specially galvanized steel strips –, a product made by HS Anlagentechnik. The new board-based block machine is one of Omag and the finger car has been provided by Masa.

The special challenge of this project was to realize the required number of more than 5,500 rack spaces in the shortest time and at the smallest space. As the site is located in seismic zone 1 this factor had to be considered also for the structure and statics.

 HS Anlagentechnik installed the curing chamber as a...

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