50 years of HS Anlagentechnik celebrated

HS Anlagentechnik GmbH & Co. KG celebrates its 50-year company anniversary and proudly looks back on the past decades. The success story of HS Anlagentechnik started in 1973, according to the company‘s own information, with a ground-breaking idea: A curing chamber, that becomes a self-supporting modular system where rails and rack system are lifted to height in one go due to the first version of the „snap-in connection“, a continuous pallet bearer and a frame construction. Thanks to its innovative characteristics, the HS system established itself on the market quickly.

After the retirement of the founder, Herbert Schlechter, Uta R. Ant takes over the ever since family-run company, leading it into the fast-growing years of the 1990s. In the period that followed, the requirements increased constantly: both the pallet loading and the number of levels were growing continuously, so as to cope with the production capacities needed. Wolfgang Ant and Richard Trappe joined HS in 1998 and assumed the company management in the subsequent period. Internationalization began – the HS system convinced customers all over the world.

Successful partnership with CDS Curing Systems

Since the beginning of the 2000s, there is an increasing demand for insulated and humidified curing chamber systems. „Since 2010, we exclusively use the ‚Magnelis ZM310‘ highly corrosion resistant alloy. The combination of zinc, aluminum and magnesium provides the alloy with a corrosion protection that is up to three times better than batch-galvanized components“, reports HS General Manager Richard Trappe proudly.

In 2006, the partnership with CDS Curing System based in the English Stoke-on-Trent began – a successful symbiosis up to the present day. Customers are provided with the option to get the full package from a single source. The use of a curing chamber with an active moisture and temperature control ensures a much better concrete block quality.


Worldwide more than 800 HS chamber systems sold

„Far more than 800 HS curing chamber systems were and are sold and used in all corners of the world. Even difficult environmental conditions, such as high earthquake, snow or wind loads are no problem at all – it is just a matter of construction,“ Richard Trappe continues.

To the turn of the year, Wolfgang Ant has retired from the company after 25 years at the end of 2023. The next generation, however, is ready to start: Robin and Tim Trappe have joined the company at the beginning of 2024.

Thus, the company based in Neunkirchen is confident that it will continue to act in the market successfully.


HS Anlagentechnik GmbH & Co. KG

Hegelstraße 6

57290 Neunkirchen/Germany

+49 2735 781160


Milestones of HS company history
1973:   Herbert Schlechter sells the first curing chamber
1982:   Uta R. Ant takes over the fate of HS Anlagentechnik
1990:   Development of the pallet bear with continuous, lateral pallet guide rail,
upper guide rail and strengthened snap-in connection
1998:   The long-term General Managers Wolfgang Ant und Richard Trappe join the company
2006:   Beginning of the partnership with CDS Curing Systems
2010:   Use of the alloy Magnelis ZM310
2023:   50-year company anniversary of HS Anlagentechnik
2024:   Tim Trappe and Robin Trappe join the company

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