Rectangular elements for underground construction

Concrete frame elements with integrated sealing

Concrete and reinforced concrete pipes with integrated sealing according to EN 681-1 have long since been established in Europe and elsewhere and have meanwhile been classified as standard. Together with the sealing system the pipe forms a structural unit that allows fast and reliable laying.

The success story of the integrated sealing began in the 1980s and has even more solid reasons. Because using these modern sealing systems the following weaknesses, among others, could be excluded:

» a mix up of the sealing

» wrong clamping, irregular pre-stressing

» wrong position of the sealing after the pipe insertion, uncertain cross section

» damaging of the unprotected sealing at the spigot end

» depositions of soil and water, ice formation in the socket

» coming-off of the connector ring at the construction site

» extensive handling when gluing the sealing on the spigot end.


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