Vertical milling machine

Processing of large scale concrete jacking pipes up to DN 3500 mm

With almost 50 years of experience gained in the concrete pipe industry, MBK company has built confidence among its customers inducing pipe manufacturers to approach also new and very demanding projects together with this partner. With more than 650 cage welding machines placed in the concrete pipe and building industry, MBK is generally regarded as the market leader.

Although the topics processing and testing of pipes are not that everyday topics, nevertheless people at Kisslegg-based MBK Maschinenbau GmbH have experience gained by manufacturing more than 20 machines.

However, the task MBK was presented with by company Abulyadayel located in Jeddah was quite new, namely milling of concrete jacking pipes with nominal diameters from DN 800 to 3500 mm.

Pipes with a maximum outside diameter of 4,200 mm and a weight of up to 36,000 kgs are to be processed in parallel on the face side. The spigot end and a groove for the sealing at the spigot end have to be...

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