Innovative pipe design

Jacking pipes made of reinforced concrete

In an urban environment – and usually in lower lying areas – mechanical pipe driving in contrast to the open-trench method is a pipe-laying method for sewers that reduces the restrictions for the local residents and the traffic flow considerably. In principle, pipe jacking refers to the underground jacking of pipes, or a pipeline, from a starting shaft to a target shaft. In this process, the driving forces introduced into the respectively last pipe of a pipeline must be transferred through the entire pipeline in longitudinal direction up to the working face. While in the first pipe jacking...

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Issue 04/2016

New standards: jacking corrosion-resistant pipes in Singapore

The island state of Singapore accomplished the rise to a modern industrial nation in the ASEAN area (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) within a few decades. Today, approximately 5.5 million...

Issue 11-2015 Berding Beton

Rhine crossing by means of concrete jacking pipes

The overall project worth 11.2 million euros is stretching over 3.4 km: A 15kV cable route is replaced from the railroad transformer substation in Bingen to the railroad line in Geisenheim. Section...

Issue 02/2018 The new Worksheet DWA-A 139

Construction and testing of drains and sewers

The revised edition of Worksheet DWA-A 139 includes the supplementary notes and further explanations on DIN EN 1610 “Construction and testing of drains and sewers” (Einbau und Prüfung von...

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760 jacking pipes for urban drainage installed in Zug

Following a long planning and construction phase, the construction department in the Swiss city of Zug can now announce successful completion of the Lake Zug Outfall Pipeline project in the northern...

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2.2 km of DN 3000 reinforced-concrete jacking pipes for new sewers

Increasing sealing of surfaces in particular in large cities and the more frequent occurrence of heavy-rain events result in considerable quantities of sewage that overload the sewer systems. The...