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DB-Anchor of Pfeifer with ETA approval

For many years now, Pfeifer has been providing the user with their products for permanent fixing in precast con­crete construction. In this regard, a principal difference is made between so-called constructural fixing elements and such that are relevant in terms of national technical approval.

Pfeifer socket dowels and Pfeifer polyamide sockets qualify for constructional fixing purposes. Whereas Pfeifer DB-Anchors (Fig. 1a + b) – are used for fixing purposes requiring national technical approval. (Fixing elements are relevant in terms of national technical approval if their failure can cause a threat to life or physical condition, or considerable economic losses).

However, these products have one thing in common – they are cast in already when concreting. Any kind of fixing can be realized by simply screwing on after hardening of the concrete. Pfeifer provides DB-Anchors with an...

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