Threaded anchors as permanent fastenings for civil engineering works

The company Friedrich Schroeder has extended its product range by adding permanent fastenings that have been provided with evidence of National Technical Approval. The 20 SL threaded anchor with European Technical Approval for static tensile and lateral loads is now offered in addition to the RS heavy-duty anchor for static and fatigue-relevant tensile loads. From the large number of versions and the various design concepts, it is possible to select an optimal anchorage system for various installation situations, loadings and corrosion resistance requirements.

List of 20 SL threaded anchors - ETA 16/0918

The cast-in anchor is available in the following versions:

Galvanized threaded socket or threaded socket of A3 stainless steel, compressed with a head bolt, thread sizes M12 to M30,

Sockets of A4 stainless steel or Duplex 1.4462, friction-welded to head bolts M12 to M30 (Duplex to M24),

As flat steel anchor for use in thin structural elements M12 and M16, made of A4 stainless steel or galvanized.

Every thread size is available in various lengths; custom designs are possible, covered by the approval up to a length of 500 mm.

The anchor is suitable for taking up primarily static tensile and transverse loads. The easy-to-use FixPro Schroeder design program is available free of charge.

The galvanized versions are suitable for interior applications. The stainless steel anchors are intended for exterior applications, in damp rooms, in industrial atmospheres and in marine environments.

Sizes M12 and M16 of the compressed A4 anchors are characterized by their head bolts, also of stainless steel, so that no surface-near carbon steel is present in the zone covered by concrete.

The friction-welded versions are of especially high quality in respect to corrosion protection. The sockets are provided with blind-hole threading so that only stainless steel is exposed to the atmosphere. The Duplex material 1.4462, classified in CRC IV in accordance with DIN EN 1993-1-4, has greater resistance to corrosion than the standard A4 material. Here, the friction-welded versions – in particular, the Duplex variety –– show high design resistance to steel failure.

RS heavy-duty anchor – Z-30.6-70

The RS heavy-duty anchor is available in two versions: as socket anchor, it is offered in thread sizes M16 to M36 and as bolt anchor in thread sizes M16 to M56. The threaded parts of A4 stainless steel are friction-welded to the anchor rod of B5000B reinforcing steel in both versions. The anchors are available as individual anchors or as anchor cages. The anchors can be used both as cast-in anchor as well as for subsequent fastening.

The anchors are suitable for all applications in corrosion-resistance class CRC III, since in near-surface areas of the concrete and in the atmosphere, only A4 stainless steel is used.

The anchor is suitable for static and fatigue-relevant tensile loads. A typical example of application is anchorage of noise barrier posts on the high-speed lines of the German railways.

Various design concepts

The RS heavy-duty anchor is a pure tension member, subject to restrictions also as compression member, and is designed as an end-anchorage joint in accordance with DIN EN 1992-1-1. For appropriate anchorage lengths in the concrete, the full loadbearing capacities of the steel may be transmitted into anchor groups or near the edges.

The SL threaded anchor, in contrast, regulated in DIN EN 1992-4, is permitted to take up tensile and transverse forces. For group anchorage, interaction of the concrete fracture cones and, for near-edge fastening, limitation of the fracture cones to the edges of the construction element must be taken into consideration.

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