Against corrosion

Weckenmann protects formwork profiles before leaving the factory

 Steel shuttering formworks in precast concrete plants require protection against corrosion. This corrosion protection is achieved by means of corrosion-inhibiting additives in the forming oil agent. However, if the application of the forming oil agent to the formwork profiles is inadequate, or if the corrosion protective properties in the forming oil agent are missing, then this will inevitably lead to corrosion of the valuable formwork material.  The warm, moist climate in the production environment also leads to cavity corrosion and crevice corrosion, unless the cavities of the formwork profile are regularly protected.

A high and lasting corrosion protection with a high level of resistance to solvents and acids, offers the new corrosion protection system KS from Weckenmann, that has specifically been designed for formwork profiles.

The formwork profiles are chemically treated during the dipping process and provided with a highly resistant coating.

Thereby not only the mechanically stressed outer contours of the profiles are protected, but also the corrosion-sensitive cavities in large-scale box profiles, even double layered sheet itself will be effectively protected against corrosion. That way, the...

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