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Intaktin mixer protection completes new concrete ­release agent portfolio

Within its Ortolan range of concrete release agents, MC-Bauchemie has introduced four new product categories into the marketplace – Ortolan Classic, Extra, Premium and Bio, each offering its own specific performance characteristics and application suitabilities. MC has also invested in the development of biodegradable concrete release agents such as Ortolan Classic 711 or Ortolan Bio 755. The portfolio is completed by a series of new mixer protection products under the Intaktin brand. However, with low-viscous, solvent-free Ortolan Classic 711, MC Bauchemie has now developed a product offering fast biode-gradability combined with good to very good exposed concrete finishes. More than 99 % of the release agent biodegrades within 28 days.

High-purity emulsions from the Ortolan Bio range not only offer outstanding release performance but also effective formwork conservation, with minimal adherent residue, a mild odour and compliance with eco-compatibility criteria. Ortolan Bio 755 bears the “Blue Angel” environmental label.

Universal range of applications and higher demands

The Ortolan Classic group of products also contains robust concrete release agents for a wide range of applications, i.e. suitable for both absorbent and non-absorbent formwork. Through a combination of low-viscous base oils and efficient separating substances, MC has thus developed a modern family of concrete release agents suitable for application both on the building site and in the precast concrete factory.

The Ortolan Extra range offers users highly effective base oils containing special additives, pasty formwork waxes, and formwork wax emulsions, as speciality concrete release agents capable of meeting elevated demands with respect to concrete appearance. Liquid concrete release agents providing increased corrosion protection are used for smooth, nonabsorbent formwork, while complex and detailed moldings are best produced with the pasty formwork wax Ortolan Extra 791.

Ortolan Premium for finishes up to class SB 4

MC can also offer a high-performance concrete release agent in the form of Ortolan Premium capable of producing high-grade exposed concrete finishes up to class SB 4 (Highest class of German standard according to “Merkblatt Sichtbeton”). Specially formulated high-performance process oils with special additives and rust inhibitors produce first-class fair-faced concrete surfaces while at the same time protecting smooth steel form work from rust formation. Ortolan Premium 702 is creating an especially thin separating film that can also be applied to heated formwork up to +80 °C. The product is also characterized by its high resistance to abrasion in vibration compaction applications.

Effective mixer protection

The ready-to-use, solvent-free and readily sprayable Intaktin system ensures effortless cleaning and will even remove already hardened concrete while at the same time forming a protective film on the equipment to inhibit corrosion. In new Intaktin 71, MC has combined special base oils and corrosion protection substances to create a mixer protection product for universal applicability. Meanwhile, in Intaktin 72, special rolling oils coupled with a corrosion inhibitor offer increased thermal stability for enhanced mixer protection. Intaktin 73 combines highly refined paraffin-based oils with low-aromatic substances to create a water-repellent, particularly long-lasting protective film.

Concrete release and mixer protections agents from MC-Bauchemie can be simply, safely and quickly applied using spray equipment. MC offers the spraying devices MC-Pump 1 and 2, both of which operate without compressed air and thus without the swirl usually associated with the spraying operation. This equipment also produces significantly less mist for greater precision and cost-efficiency. The spray pumps create a uniform separating film which can be quickly applied to large surfaces, saving both time and money. The canister spray unit MC-Pump 1 is ideal for spraying concrete release agents and mixer protection agents directly from the canister, while MC-Pump 2 is designed for spraying straight from the drum. The package provided also contains 20 meters of tubing to ensure a wide application radius.


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