Cycle time reduction in the precast factory

The shuttering robot Twin-Z

At bauma 2007, Weckenmann presented their latest
patented shuttering robot Twin-Z to the interested trade visitors of the precast concrete industry. Three years later, they are proud to talk about an extremely successful new product development having set new standards in automated manufacturing of precast concrete components.

In comparison to the conventional system (Fig. 1), that Weckenmann had already developed in 1991 and that is still being constructed, the robot Twin-Z was extended by a second vertical axis – also called z-axis.

Through this simple “trick” the robot operates much more efficiently. It directly grabs the formwork profiles at the control buttons built-in the magnets and activates the same immediately after positioning on the shutting table without any further motion of the axes (Fig. 2).

This results in two decisive advantages: a significant reduction of the cycle time by up to 40% and an...

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