Does concrete fantastically taste?

Smelling and tasting electronically

Electronic equivalents to human sense organs are special sensors that convert subjective sensory perceptions into objectively measured variables: which means an initial step towards opening up hitherto unknown worlds. The publishing houses Beuth and Behrs have now published an introductory monograph (German) on this subject [1]. The authors have devoted many years to the research and development of such electronic sensory systems and now present the results in fairly intelligible form.

Medicine and food are interesting areas of applications that could well use this new objectiveness – but technology and the environment stand to profit as well.

Even the construction industry can benefit from the one or other application.


Temperature and moisture measurement [2]

In the construction industry, the measurement of temperature and relative humidity provides important information on the assessment of the curing processes of concrete and screed layers.  This is done with the temperature/moisture Sensoriccard®. The sensor measurement head includes a microelectronic circuit, the...

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