25 years of competence in wear protection

Detloff GmbH

For 25 years now, company Detloff has been having a focus on providing solutions for wear problems of machine and plant components. The comprehensive range of materials, an exact match of manufacturing facilities and the extensive know-how of a highly motivated team of people employed with the company are the prerequisites for achieving this. Based on the two locations in Rechberghausen (near Göppingen) in Germany and Hattstatt (near Colmar) in France, the company individually analyzes the problems of wear and tear and works out solutions accordingly.

The sales program of Detloff GmbH includes: compound plates (armor plates), wear and heat resistant casting, tungsten carbide, ceramics, polyurethane, polymer cera­mics as well as build-up welding electrodes.

Particular attention, above all, is paid to the extensive range of wear resistant parts for concrete and asphalt mixing plants.

The latest development is the Detloff CC mixer blade generation providing:

1. an ideal blade geometry adapted to the respective wear and tear.

2. a greater volume at the parts exposed to wear and tear.

3. an extremely high degree of abrasion resistance (ser-vice life)...

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