Properties of fresh and hardened concrete

SCC with crushed aggregate

 In self-compacting concretes (SCC), round particles are frequently used as coarse aggregate. These are expected to be of advantage, in particular as regards an improved work-ability. The tests presented in this article demonstrate that the manufacture of SCC with a high content of crushed aggregate and good workability is possible. In addition it was shown that the use of crushed aggregate, instead of gravel, can improve the strength and deformation properties of the concrete.

The fresh concrete properties of self-compacting concretes (SCC) are considerably influenced by the choice of coarse aggregate. The principal parameters are in this context the quantitative content of the concrete as well as the particle geometry and roughness. But hardened concrete properties result from this as well and/or are determined via these parameters. Knowledge of these interrelated aspects thus offers the possibility to directly influence the properties of fresh and hardened concrete through the choice of coarse aggregate.  

The following article presents, firstly, possibilities for...

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