Brazilian waste – an alternative in the ­production of self-compacting concrete (SCC)

The use of the residue RBMG can be seen as a viable alternative for the use of concretes with lower cement content and the requirement of more effectively managing the rheological properties of the material. With respect to the mechanical properties, RBMG proved to be a viable option for the production of concretes for current construction applications.

1. Introduction

Over the last few years, Brazil has been standing out globally in the production and export of marble and granite for ornamental use. In 2015, the country ranked among the top three in production and has also been the main supplier of rocks to North America, which corresponds to an amount of 30 % of the total volume of rocks bought by the US in 2014 (Moraes, 2006). Early in 2016, the Brazilian Association of Ornamental Rocks presented a financial review (Abirochas, 2016), which showed that, by that time in the year, the volume of rocks exported increased already by 12.1 %...

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