Design of Concrete application (DoC App)

Smartphones and tablets in reinforced concrete design and detailing

The shift from conventional mobile phones to high-performance smartphones is almost irreversible. According to surveys, about 50 % of Germans owned a smartphone in February 2014 [1], and this ratio is steadily increasing also on an international scale. The performance of the hardware currently used in smartphones or tablet PCs surpasses the standard of high-end desktop personal computers used a couple of years ago [2]. It thus comes as no surprise that smartphones are the driving force behind a digital revolution that goes far beyond the telecommunications sector [3].

This situation gave rise...

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Issue 02/2021

Where to put the reinforcement? – Finding the right strut-and-tie model through optimization

D-regions are usually designed using strut-and-tie models (STM) [1]. For complex structural geometries, however, generating suitable STM is challenging. The flow of forces must be known, taking into...

Issue 02/2017 Designing of load-bearing concrete components

Get the right shape with appropriate reinforcement

Concrete can assume nearly any external shape. The same applies to the reinforcement which is not necessarily limited to rectangular patterns or component surfaces. The question is rather, which is...

Issue 03/2011 Design models

Design of reinforced concrete corbels

Corbels are widely used in reinforced concrete construction, particularly in precast skeleton structures and factory buildings. They serve as supports to beams, slabs, stairs, crane runways etc. In...

Issue 05/2013 Dicad Systeme GmbH

Optimized structural design with Strakon 2013

With Strakon 2013, Dicad Sys­teme GmbH of Cologne, Germany, presents a new version of its structural design, formwork and reinforcement planning software. The numerous new features include functions...

Issue 02/2015 Day 3: Wednesday, 26th February 2015

Potential of concrete components of tomorrow

142 An inflatable concrete dome – New structural frameworks Eine Betonkuppel zum Aufblasen – Neue Tragwerke O. Univ.-Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr.-Ing. M. Eng. Johann Kollegger, Dipl.- Ing. BSc. Benjamin...