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Versatile Rebar Anchorage

Headed Anchors provide a reliable reinforcement solution for steel reinforced concrete. The head is forged at one or both ends of the rebar. It allows the full tensile strength of the embedded rebar to be utilised. If only one end of the bar has a head, the other end can have, for example, a bent hook.
In addition to their use as punching shear reinforcement, there are other possible applications for headed anchors. Compared to other anchoring techniques, headed anchors offer a quick and easy anchoring solution, especially for areas that are difficult to reinforce. They allow the reinforcement layout to be optimized and the number of rebars to be reduced.
PSB® Headed Anchor

The Peikko PSB® Headed Anchor is a simple, easy to install and effective method of anchoring reinforcement in concrete structures. It is an ETA assessed and CE marked solution.

PSB® Headed Anchors can be used where reinforcement anchoring is required to improve joint detailing or for ease of installation on site. They can be used in a wide range of concrete elements including foundation and floor slabs, columns, footings, walls, beams, frame corners and corbels.

PSB® Headed Anchors help to reduce rebar congestion in heavily reinforced areas of cast-in-situ concrete constructions. The headed anchors are available in four different shapes and reinforcement diameters from 10 mm to 32 mm.


The tensile reinforcement of concrete corbels usually consists of large diameter rebars. The rebar must be anchored in the corbel and in the column. The use of headed anchors can reduce the amount of reinforcement in the concrete elements an simplify the installation of reinforcement in the precast factory.

Frame Corners

In frame corners, the bending reinforcement of beams and columns must be anchored in a relatively confined space, resulting in reinforcement congestion. Anchoring the reinforcement with headed anchors frees up space and makes it easier to install the reinforcement and caste the concrete.

Shear Reinforcement in Walls and Slabs

Headed anchors are used for shear reinforcement of slabs and walls. In thin slabs or walls, the reinforcement consists of double headed anchors (PSB®-S), welded to assembly profiles. Prefabricated assemblies such as these allow the rebar to be installed quickly and accurately on site.

PSB®-J elements, rebars with a head and a hook at the end, are mainly used in heavily reinforced cross-sections, such as thick floor slabs. The angled hook allows the element to be hooked into the upper reinforcement layer from above. This provides more working space in the reinforcement cage.

Tunnelling - headed anchors and end-anchoring couplers

A combination of PSB® Headed Anchors and MODIX® EM headed anchors is often used in tunnelling.

MODIX® rebar couplers are a safe and flexible rebar coupling system that provides a mechanical connection between rebars in cast-in-situ concrete and precast concrete structures. They enable the connection of rebars ranging from 10 to 40 mm. The MODIX® EM Headed Anchor is a threaded coupler system that can be used as an end- anchor coupler including a standard screw and end plate. It can be mounted after the reinforcement has been installed.