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 In November 2010, the III Expo Weiler took place at Weiler-C.Holzberger Industrial (São Paulo-Brasil) as an example for the technological potential of WCH equipment and its partners: ABCIC, ABCP, ArcelorMittal, Belgo Bekaert,  Coplas, FCI Revista, Piorotti, Pollotools, Ruy Bentes, Trejor and Züblin.

The event brought together about 250 professionals from Brazil, Europe and South America, from many sectors of the constructions industry. In the current business cycle of Brazil, the construction sector is an upswing. This is the moment of growing in consciousness, planning, acceleration of production and constant improvement of products and services. To meet the growing demand in the sector WCH inaugurated two new hangars, an important investment that will support the increasing manufacturing capacity.

The visitors had the opportunity to check locally many WCH equipment:

» Bacthing Plant...

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