Weckenmann Anlagentechnik/WCH

New partner in Brazil

Weckenmann Anlagentechnik GmbH & Co. KG, Dormettingen, Germany, is systematically expanding its distribution network. In addition to the already previously reported on partners in Australia, New Zealand and Thailand (see BFT International 07/2013, page 12), a joint effort with WCH Weiler C. Holzberger Ind. Ltda. has now resulted in a new partnership in Brazil. Parts of the Weckenmann product range will now be included in the portfolio of the Rio Claro-based business of Helmut Holzberger and his son Klaus, who bring in almost 40 years of experience in plant engineering. Weckenmann, on its part, will expand its product range with WCH products, such as extruders, slideformers and prestressing technology.

Partner with decades of industry experience

Weckenmann delivers highly productive plants for the precast concrete industry. The plant design of Weckenmann optimally matches the manufacturing processes with the customer‘s specific requirements. This applies to both the new construction and the modernization of carousel systems or stationary production. With over 50 years of experience and satisfied customers around the world, Weckenmann is an important and competent partner for WCH.

WCH also manufactures and delivers high-tech machines and complete solutions for the precast concrete industry. The product portfolio of the Brazilian technology leader includes slideformers, extruders, mixing centers, metal formwork, machinery for manufacturing railroadsleepers, cranes, and prestressing technology. In 1977, the family-owned business (then called Weiler Alpha Ltda) was founded in Rio Claro, which is located in the state of São Paulo. In January 2007, Helmut Holzberger, partner at Weiler C. Holzberger Industrial Ltda., sold his 50 % of Weiler shares to the Weiler GmbH in Germany.

Weckenmann and WCH at the Concrete Show

„It is a great pleasure for us to be able to work with WCH. Weckenmann looked for a strong partner in Brazil that had years of experience in plant engineering as well as a strong customer base,“ says Alesandra Rico, Area Sales Manager for South America at Weckenmann. She adds, „WCH will register the Weckenmann machines and components for the Finame financing program. It will also take on part of the production of Weckenmann machines in Brazil. Weckenmann, on its part, will take on the production of some of the WCH machinery and components in Dormettingen. The years of experience in plant engineering between the two technology leaders in both Europe and South America as well as the fact that Weckenmann and WCH have product portfolios that compliment each other offer the best conditions for a successful partnership. Our customers can be pleased with the many advantages that result through this cooperation.“

Weckenmann and WCH will be available for discussions at the Concrete Show South America in São Paulo from August 28–30.


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