PCT precast events in Brazil on the state of the art

The third edition of PCT Brasil 2018 organized by CSG Engineering jointly with H2B Engenharia took place from 04 to 08 June 2018 in the University Park of UNIDAVI in Rio do Sul, Santa Catarina, and in the auditorium of Radisson Hotel de Alphaville in São Paulo.

The main objectives of these two seminars were to exchange professional experience and update one’s knowledge of precast technology in Brazil and Europe, as well as to promote, contribute and encourage companies and professionals to the importance of research and technological development in precast.

More than 200 professionals attended, as well as over 50 construction companies, of which one from Paraguay, engineers and architects.

The program brought together national and international speakers. Maurizio Frasani, of CSG Engineering Italy, presented innovations in construction systems in Italy and Europe, showing roofing with thermal and insulation features, spans, and fields of use.

Seminars and factory visits organized

Prof. Mounir El Debs, of São Carlos USP, addressed research issues in precast frame links. The lecture by Ruy Franco Bentes was entitled “Technology of Pretension in Prefabricated Construction”. Ruy pointed out that columns could enjoy the same competitive advantages as obtained in other elements when including pretension in the production process. Today, the biggest restriction is related to equipment that does not allow pre-compression in the higher areas. The lecture by MCT Italy’s Lamberto Marc-antonini, who also operates in the Latin American market, analyzed the daily production cycle and the hardening and curing of concrete at various times of the day. Francisco Oggi and Carlos Melo presented examples of precast connections in tall buildings. Yorik van Havre’s lecture addressed the topic of BIM in project management, the importance of adaptability and open formats. Together with his father Mario Franco, Carlos Franco revisited Pier Luigi Nervi: Italian architect, engineer and builder of precast buildings and structures in the 20th century. The lecture of Flavio Isaia was entitled “Make it happen before, challenges of projects”. Nathália Prado and Claudio Almeida, of the Stone Pre-fabricated company, spoke about ductile high-performance concrete used to manufacture precast parts and architectural panels.

The second day was dedicated to technical visits. The Santa Catarina event included a visit to Proaço industry, where precast elements and steel structures are manufactured and assembled to serve the south-central market of Brazil. The seminar held in São Paulo was complemented by a visit to the Prefab Construções company. Of particular interest was the tour through the production area of the W tile roofing system and the prestressed hollow-core slabs facility.

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