Max Frank opens new production plant for fibre-reinforced concrete products

Figure: Max Frank GmbH & Co. KG

Figure: Max Frank GmbH & Co. KG
After a construction period of around two years, the Max Frank Group has opened its new production plant for the manufacture of fibre-reinforced concrete products. A significant milestone in the company's history, which was celebrated together with the employees at the Leiblfing site.

The new production plant is equipped with state-of-the-art technologies and enables fully automated processes in the manufacture of fibre-reinforced concrete products. The innovative design of the production creates the greatest possible flexibility for the different requirements of the markets. The plant, whose centrepiece is a mixer, doubles the capacity compared to the previous production process and ensures consistent product quality.

One of the largest single investments in the company's history

With the construction of the new production facility, Max Frank has made one of the largest single investments in the company's history. This ultra-modern production facility is a commitment to the region and the Leiblfing site. This is where the company was founded in 1962 and where products for reinforced concrete construction will continue to be manufactured and supplied to construction projects worldwide. This goes hand in hand with the creation of jobs in the region.

"The new facility is a significant milestone for our production network. It enables us to increase productivity, make supply chains more reliable and efficient and improve the working environment. The latter is particularly important with regard to our employees." 

However, the joy and enthusiasm are not only evident in Managing Director Dr Max Frank. The responsible colleagues around the project managers Johann Rapps and Sebastian Zollner are proud to be part of this project and have shown tremendous commitment in recent weeks and months to complete the plant on schedule.


Max Frank GmbH & Co. KG

Mitterweg 1

94339 Leiblfing/Germany

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