Approved Egcobox® Cantilever Connection System with Articulated Thrust Bearing

Reduces Thermal Bridging to a Minimum

 The newly approved Egcobox® cantilever connection system with articulated thrust bearing (type gdl) made of
fiber-reinforced high-performance concrete provides an improved thermal insulation for cantilever building components. Thus, the well-proven product range of Egcobox, available since 1997, has now been expanded by the new type gdl: The cantilever connection system, that is approved by the DIBt (German Institute of Building) on the basis of DIN 1045-1, is used for decoupling of cantilevers such as balconies, access balconies, walls and roof parapets. Type gdl of the insulation system of Frank, in particular, enables efficient installation in the field of precast construction.

Egcobox with articulated thrust bearing meets highest, thermal requirements

Three-dimensional thermal calculation models demonstrate in a realistic way how the system Egcobox works. The illustrations prove that the cantilever connection system complies with all energetic and hygienic requirements. Owing to the realistic demonstration and evaluation of the corresponding situations of a project it is no more necessary to adapt the general values to the actual installation.

Configurable, heat-insulating cantilever connection system with articulated thrust bearing

The geometry of single elements of...

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