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Haarup batching and mixing plant

The Wiesensee GmbH & Co. KG company has now expanded its existing production facilities by an additional batching and mixing plant. In this regard, it was especially challenging that the new equipment should be installed in an existing building not allowing a certain depth owing to the exiting foundation. For solving this task, Haarup Maskinfabrik A/S was chosen as supplier for a new state-of-the-art batching and mixing plant. This new plant comprises five hot galvanized aggregate silos that can be feed directly by a front-end loader. Dosing conveyors beneath the silos are used for dosing directly to an especially designed weigh belt conveyor from where the pre-weighed aggregates are fed into the elevator bucket. This solution allowed reducing the costs of the plant since the powder silos were also connected to the suspension of the weigh belt conveyor. An 1125-liter Haarup counterflow mixer is placed in the factory work floor. This is furnished with rinsing equipment and an especially designed discharge hopper which can be turned and allows varying discharge levels. In this manner, Wiesensee is in the position to use concrete buckets of several different sizes for the same mixer. The plant is controlled by the reliable Mixo 3000 control system of Haarup that is sup­ported by the Haarup-Mix­Memory SQL database. CONTACT Wiesensee GmbH & Co. KG Bauunternehmen - Betonwerk Dorfstraße 5 29378 Wittingen-Radenbeck/ Germany Tel.: +49 58 36 977 0 ↗ Haarup Maskinfabrik A/S Haarupvej 20 8600 Silkeborg/ Denmark Tel.: +45 8684 6255 ↗...




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