Messy Working Environment? Dusty Clothes?

Completely Safe Personnel Cleaning

 The possibility of personnel cleaning is being examined and evaluated in many industries. The compressed-air methods used so far are noisy and may...

Glazed in red

A feel-good office world

 A successful company needs motivated employees. Frank Elsässer, managing director and owner of the Elsässer Industrietechnik GmbH in...

Sustainable Upgrading of Production

Concrete Manhole Bases

 Precast producers are using industrial robots to an increasing extent. In most cases, these robots perform handling tasks. The supplier Prinzing,...

Xella invites Business Partners to the World‘s Fair

Building Materials for a “Green“ Expo

 The Duisburg-based building materials manufacturer Xella is using the World Expo in Shanghai (taking place from May 1 to October 31, 2010) as a...

CBE Group

SCC for Concrete Segment Molds

 CBE Group is a medium-sized company specialized in engineering and manufacturing of metal molds, handling equipment and industrial plants for the...


Short facts | Kurzmeldungen

Project report | Objektbericht

Spin-Offs | Umfeld

Innovative Product Development and Sustainability

Concrete Products in the Course of Time

 Concrete products have been manufactured for over 160 years. Concrete roof tiles and other concrete products (earlier called cement products) were...


Production today | Produktion heute

Increased Demand for Smaller Plants

Mini Plant Solution from Denmark

 The Danish company fibo intercon a / s , clearly notices that many companies in the concrete industry find new ways and concentrate their efforts on...