Façade with Character

Relief Panels Provide Facelift for Hugo Boss Store

 Clothes make the man. What applies to the fashion industry is also true for architecture. With buildings it is the façade that attracts attention and hence the interest of the passer-by. A particularly impressive example of successful façade design is the new Hugo Boss store in Toronto where special concrete elements by Lithonplus are used to create a stunning effect.

The façade panels feature unique surface texturing which reminds us of the drapery of large drops of material. In this way, the façade reflects the idea of textiles and provides an introduction to the inside of the building. The façade elements measure 120 x 90 cm and were manufactured using the wet-cast process, a technology that makes it possible to finish the surfaces with natural textures.

Initially, the textile textures were molded from actual material. These molds were then used as patterns for the concrete elements. Once curing is complete, the façade panels are painted with a special...

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