Turning point in concrete construction

This, dear readers of BFT International, may at first sound very big and is, of course, borrowed from the word used by the German Chancellor in 2022. But it is, indeed, fitting. Rarely before have there been so many innovations and changes in concrete construction as today. The requirements of climate change and the Green Deals indeed switch our course of action, and the industry has understood the signs of the time: new  cements and concretes, new types of reinforcement, new insulation materials  and new circular building that, with the current body of regulations, will also find its way into practice.

And this issue will become even more extensive: the CO2 footprint of concrete – for which cement is essentially responsible – can be reduced in the direction of zero only when carbon capture storage and use have also become reality. How can this be accomplished and how will a new market for CO2 be established? In countries such as Norway, but likewise in Germany, initial projects will soon go online. Norway is this year’s guest country for the BetonTage, which will take place from 20 to 22 June 2023, once again in the CCU Ulm. Representatives of Staatsfonds Equinor and the first full-scale CCU/S plant in the Brevik cement works will report first-hand. The BetonTage, moreover, spans the entire range of sustainability innovations in a width and depth never before shown: in the technical program and flanked by 130 exhibiting innovation drivers from the suppliers’ industry.

Together with BFT we will present a stimulating and relaxing mix of information and networking with all target groups of the value-added chain in building. The construction material concrete is being consistently decarbonized and, in particular, prefabrication with its many and varied sustainability benefits has become even broader in scope. In this way, the turning point in concrete construction – the motto of this year’s BetonTage – will become reality.

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